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If you have bought a kit and would also like the 'Growing Mushrooms' booklet sent with your spawn, you can claim a 50% discount with the digital download. Just order the book and put the kit voucher number in the 'comments' panel of the order form. Leave the rest to us and you'll get exclusive NZ based information on growing a range of fungi in no time!

Growing Mushrooms Book/Thumb Drive

Check out our 54 page A5 booklet of easy ‘how to grow’ information, recipes, interesting facts, and ways to maintain cultures for home growers, schools, hobbyists... Beginner or experienced, young or old there's something for all — Click here for more details.

Field or Shop Mushrooms

Traditional Field/Shop Mushrooms, with the taste and freshness you get with home grown!

Also called Agaricus, Portobello, Chestnut, Button or Field Mushrooms. Grow button or flat shape, straight from the STARTER KIT. It all depends on the stage you pick them at! Freshly picked field mushrooms are sweet, juicy and tasty. Big brown or white flat portobellos are great on the BBQ or grilled. Be surprised as each type pops up- It's a real treat to watch and eat your own naturally grown mushrooms and you also learn how to grow more at home with compost recipes and tricks for home growing included. Add valuable nutrients to your garden or pots when finished! Available all year.

Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster Mushrooms- super flexible eating, fast, easy grow

Great for new mushroom growers. Get growing quickly with the STARTER KIT, then if you want, learn how to spread the culture into logs, straw, coffee waste and wood chips. Strains have been selected over decades for good qualities to suit NZ conditions. Watch nature in action from day 2 as the Mushroom Gourmet spawn explodes into life in front of your eyes. From the tiniest beginning to picking, you enjoy your own handiwork as Nature prepares to put food on your plate! Easy-Grow 100%NZ sawdust logs available at all times. Cut and watch- such an easy project, quick to fruit AND you can expand it out to grow more at home. Taste the Goodness! NB the kit or part of it can be used instead of dowels to inoculate logs!

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms- Great flavour and goodness

Sought after for its great flavour, texture and health benefits. The brown cap and white flecks of our strains make attractive mushrooms. Grow from freshly cut logs of deciduous trees eg oak, poplar, birch, beech or maple. It's an easy beginner project and quick to fruit with the rapid Mushroom Gourmet spawn being a fascinating watch as it leaps into action from day 2. Expand out to grow more at home if you wish. NB you can use all or part of the kit to inoculate logs without using dowels. Ask for spawn to use with your Oyster Mushroom Starter pack

Shaggy Mane or Ink Cap

Shaggy Inkcap- A wild thing!

A garden friendly strain which fruits readily on compost and healthy organic soils from Autumn through summer. An interesting fungus to observe and a treat to eat. It can be grown indoors or set free in the garden where it can fruit from 6-26C if soil is moist. Ask for spawn to go with your Button Mushroom Starter Pack


Tough, Reliable European Spawn and Growing Bags

Higher temperature, tougher and more even gas exchange for professional results. Use half as much plastic and save money.


Pictures show 5 day spawn.

Packs come in 10, 50 or 100

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Field or Shop Mushrooms

Indoor Grow- Custom made for Mushrooms

Large mesh windows, protective drip tray, inlet and outlet ports, the ideal step up to exeperimenting indoors. Protect your crop from insects and your home from spores and moisture.

Field or Shop Mushrooms

Room to grow with an 8 shelf capacity with 6 bags on each shelf. Only a few left

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Long-Life Mushroom shelves

Galvanised and hot dip coated for a reliable easy clean shelf system. Each shelf takes 12 standard bags and there are 5 shelves for high output. Each set comes with large rubber wheels with a brake on 2. Maximise your space and efficiency by moving crops in and out of work stations. Dedicate your growing room to certain flushes and more with this professional package

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Our Mushroom Growing Kits

Our kits are built to allow an easy, fun growing experience, without holding you back from furthering your knowledge and experience with fungi. For beginners, we recommend either the Oyster Mushroom STARTER kit or the Field/Shop Mushroom STARTER kit, as these are fairly simple kits to master.

For a bit more of a challenge, and if you have some outdoor space, use the same methods learnt from the Field/Shop Mushrooms to grow other soil based fungi or use your oyster mushroom kit as a starter to grow oyster mushrooms from sawdust, paper, card, twigs, coffee or logs.

If you have some broad-leafed hardwoods such as Oak, Alder or Poplar that need pruning, why not innoculate the cut branches with Shiitake culture from your own Ready To Grow log?

Our mushrooms are all well known edible varieties, from strong strains, grown and multiplied over many seasons for our temperate New Zealand climate. Kits are just the beginning, discovering how to keep the culture going is long term fun!

"Happy Customers"

“ it's been fun to grow and eat the mushrooms so thank you very much- KB The EasyGrow Shiitake sawdust log Great kits and I have been using a bunch of them already. =) Hi guys, parcel arrived this morning. Thanks for the awesome service. Have a merry xmas. Cheers KF Oamaru-.... Just wanted to let you know that my mushroom kit is a great success. I have oyster mushrooms sprouting all over the bag. Really pleased. Cristine Paraparaumu-.... ....I have found the course information fantastic and really easy to follow. AP ..... thanks for the advice. With 3 nights in the fridge the mushrooms started to grow an the 5th day. The first flush was sufficient for 3 meals. Flavour: excellent. Will now try the transfer method for a new culture and get the second flush started. G+W Charteris Bay.... Hi Tim I have been meaning to say thanks for the mushroom kit. Quite a bit of work but fascinating to see them grow over the winter under our sink and ended up having a good feed. Warm wishes Jack H Lower Hutt .... Hi Tim, I just wanted to say Ive had a chance to play with that new culture and its growing happy and healthy and clean! Thank you so much again for all the effort you put in, its greatly appreciated. Cheers, CS Ellerslie .... hi another order,, the first order you sent is going excellent , so ive decided to try another sort.. .excellent easy to deal with.. rapt dealing with your products...excellent as always. NH Paeroa-.... The mycelium was very quick to colonise the bag, and the fruits were huge AS Auckland-... Hi Tim, I am thoroughly enjoying the small business course. I spent the weekend getting my shed cleaned up and ready..SL

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