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Small Business Course

We offer a small business course, by correspondence, that is focussed around giving you the skills to turn readily available ‘waste’ products into a profitable enterprise without chemical fertilisers or toxic sprays and have a mulch or compost to use or sell at the end!

Start your own Mushroom business!

You can set everything up, grow and sell in under 4 weeks! Growing fungi as a business offers low input costs and high profit margins. Your study is based on a 6m x 2.2m growing area — the size of a shipping container, but almost any spare area can be quickly set up to grow edible fungi following the straight forward, low cost, course directions.

Start with oyster mushrooms — learn the techniques, develop your market, then start another variety. The course covers Oyster, Shiitake and Field mushrooms. Topics covered include:

  • How to set up a growing area
  • How to prepare the materials and ingredients to grow
  • How to care for your fungi and maximise production
  • How to harvest and store the final product for sale

The course is based on a non-chemical approach. Oyster and shiitake use no manure. Production is smell free, you can grow them anywhere!

Learn now, grow at your pace with the spawn supplied: run a trial at market, restaurants, shops or sell at your gate.

Get in touch now by phoning 021 8 FUNGI (021 8 38644) or through our contact form to get your small business started!

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Growing Mushrooms Book/Thumb Drive

Check out our 54 page A5 booklet of easy ‘how to grow’ information, recipes, interesting facts, and ways to maintain cultures for home growers, schools, hobbyists... Beginner or experienced, young or old there's something for all — Click here for more details.

"Happy Customers"

“ Great kits and I have been using a bunch of them already. =) I would love to grow Lions Mane.. is this something you are considering? hi another order,, the first order you sent is going excellent , so ive decided to try another sort.. .excellent easy to deal with.. rapt dealing with your products...excellent as always. NH Paeroa-.... The mycelium was very quick to colonise the bag, and the fruits were huge AS Auckland-... Hi Tim, I am thoroughly enjoying the small business course. I spent the weekend getting my shed cleaned up and ready..SL 2019

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