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Great flavour and texture especially when grown on your own wood, and is renown for its health benefits. It has a brown cap and white gills with white flecks on the cap. Grow them on freshly cut logs of oak, poplar, beech, birch and other deciduous trees. Cut a log after the leaves have dropped and inoculate 4-8 weeks later. Fast strains tend to be poor quality and slower have a higher quality, let us know what you are after, what kind of logs and what time of year for best advice.

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Shiitake Dowels x 50

$25.00 Qty:
Includes: 50 Dowels, instructions - enough to inoculate 1-2 logs

Shiitake Dowels x 100

$40.00 Qty:
Includes: 100 Dowels, instructions - enough to inoculate 4-5 logs

Shiitake Dowels x 400

$125.00 Qty:
Includes: 400 Dowels, instructions - enough to inoculate 16-20 logs

Shiitake sawdust spawn x 1.5Kg

$35.00 Qty:
Includes: 1.5Kg premium sawdust spawn

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Happy Customers

“Just wanted to let you know that my mushroom kit is a great success. I have oyster mushrooms sprouting all over the bag. Really pleased.”

– Cristine – Paraparaumu

“Growing the oyster mushrooms was great fun for the whole family. They seem to be relatively easy to grow in hay. We loved to watch the spawning. We grew them in our garage. I have previously purchased a kit from Palmers, and kept it regenerating for well over 10 cycles”

– T.H. – Whangarei

“The mycelium was very quick to colonise the bag, and the fruits were huge.”

– A.S. – Auckland

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