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Shop or Field mushrooms are also called Agaricus or in this case Chestnut Mushrooms. They are white or brown depending on the strain and, button or flat shape, depending on the stage you pick them at. Freshly picked field mushrooms are sweet, juicy and tasty. Big Brown Flats are great on the BBQ or grilled!

The starter kit shows how to grow them inside in a clean way. When finished, add to your compost/worm farm or mulch with it. If you want to go further, learn the secrets of continuing the crop into your own compost outside so you can expand the kit out. Includes compost formulae and tips for getting into this exciting hobby giving you two crops for your work! For bigger projects drop us an email for free advice and back ground ideas.

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Field Mushroom Starter Kit

$40.00 Qty:
Includes: Growing bag of dried compost, spawn, topping, compost protectors, detailed instructions and pictures.

Field Mushroom Twin Spawn Refill

$20.00 Qty:
Includes: 2x spawn. For people who have bought a kit before and would like more. See instructions in your kit.

Field/Shop Mushroom Gift Pack

$50.00 Qty:
Includes: 1 Field Mushroom Kit plus the Growing Mushrooms booklet.

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Mushroom Gift Pack

Our gift pack includes an Oyster Mushroom or Field/Shop Mushroom Easy-Grow Kit, plus a booklet or CD — ‘Growing Mushrooms’, a great guide to new and exciting ways of growing edible fungi. Click here for more details.

Happy Customers

“Just wanted to let you know that my mushroom kit is a great success. I have oyster mushrooms sprouting all over the bag. Really pleased.”

– Cristine – Paraparaumu

“Growing the oyster mushrooms was great fun for the whole family. They seem to be relatively easy to grow in hay. We loved to watch the spawning. We grew them in our garage. I have previously purchased a kit from Palmers, and kept it regenerating for well over 10 cycles”

– T.H. – Whangarei

“The mycelium was very quick to colonise the bag, and the fruits were huge.”

– A.S. – Auckland

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