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We mail out Monday to Wednesday mid-day, but you can buy kits 7 days a week from your local garden centre. Have a browse and we'll get back quickly for questions or with a confirmation invoice and expected departure date which is usually within 48 hours of payment.

STARTER packs have everything included making them a tidy, compact introduction to a fascinating form of growing. They keep until you are ready, so make great presents.

We enjoy supporting local NZ suppliers of raw materials. Paying more for NZ products with a low carbon footprint we can avoid the use of foreign industrial-waste inputs

Food growing is great fun and growing mushrooms is one of nature's systems of soil production and carbon capture. More people growing local from local is good for the planet and good for community. Suitable for eco, vege and meat lovers


Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster Mushrooms

Great for beginners and new mushroom growers. Get growing quickly on logs, straw, coffee waste and wood chips. Choose from the easy intro STARTER KIT or get the Master Pack to learn the tricks of regular crop rotation. Strains have been bred over decades for good qualities to suit these purely NZ packages. Picking can start in just 2-4 weeks for home or markets using our fresh spawn grown on certified organic grain. How to grow more and keep the culture going are specifically covered in the starter kits, making these a big value item. Click the picture to order

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms

Sought after for its great flavour, texture and health benefits, especially when grown on your own wood. The brown cap and white flecks of certain strains make attractive mushrooms. Grow from freshly cut logs of deciduous trees eg oak, poplar, birch, beech, maple or order a Ready-to-Grow sawdust log. A rare find to be free of foreign soy or foreign wood waste streams. This makes a great gift or easy project that you can expand out. Many good varieties. Click the picture to order

Field or Shop Mushrooms

Field/Shop Mushrooms

Also called Agaricus, Portobello, Chestnut, Button or Field Mushrooms. Grow button or flat shape, depending on the stage you pick them at. Freshly picked meadow mushrooms are sweet, juicy and tasty. Big brown or white flat portobellos are great on the BBQ or grilled. Be surprised as each type pops up- It's a real treat to watch and eat your own naturally grown mushrooms and learn about how to grow more at home. Click the picture to order

Poplar or Tawaka Mushrooms

Poplar Mushrooms

A stunning New Zealand mushroom chosen from poplar and plane trees. It has an unusually large veil that hangs down like a skirt. This mushroom is also known locally as Tawaka. Recommended if you enjoy a savoury mushroom flavour. Click the picture to order

Burgundy Stropharia Mushrooms

Burgundy Mushrooms

An amazingly beautiful and ‘robust’ garden giant, usually wine red in colour and 5–30cm across. It likes to grow on straw, stalky compost, deciduous mulch or wood chips and sawdust. Yields of many kilograms per square metre are possible if your soil is well mulched. Click the picture to order

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Welcome to Mushroom Gourmet!

Since 1993 we have been supplying New Zealand with mushroom growing kits, and helping our customers understand how easy it is to grow mushrooms and edible fungi for Food, Health, Fun, and Extra Income. Mushroom Gourmet's unique kits let you grow indoors, outdoors, at home, in school or on a farm. They are carefully designed so you can see the process and get to grips with this great way of gardening. With 40 years experience to draw on, Mushroom Gourmet packs are the right size and strain for experimental indoor growing with clear information for your health and safety. The step by step approach from start to finish ensures you won't feel overwhelmed with too many mushrooms or feel left in the dark about how it all starts. We prefer to use New Zealand sourced materials to reduce food miles and support local business. Mushrooms and fungi have a tight relationship with plants and earth. Use them to create regerative opportunities and to grab carbon for enhancing your soil. All mushrooms can be grown outdoors with the right setup, but some are best grown indoors while you get to know them.

There's something for all skill levels — starting with beginner kits and gift packs and there's a course on setting up your own small business. For educators, there are single demo or class packs with full growing instructions and powerpoint or CD format information.

Grow your own edible fungi to supplement your diet and income without using chemicals while recycling waste materials from on or off your property. The site is for NZ customers, but you may buy gifts from overseas for NZ residents and use Paypal to pay. The STARTER kits below are available at most garden centres all year round.

We offer full support and rapid reply to emails. All spawn is grown on natural or organic ingredients.

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“ Great kits and I have been using a bunch of them already. =) Hi guys, parcel arrived this morning. Thanks for the awesome service. Have a merry xmas. Cheers KF Oamaru-.... Just wanted to let you know that my mushroom kit is a great success. I have oyster mushrooms sprouting all over the bag. Really pleased. Cristine Paraparaumu-.... ....I have found the course information fantastic and really easy to follow. AP 2019 ..... thanks for the advice. With 3 nights in the fridge the mushrooms started to grow an the 5th day. The first flush was sufficient for 3 meals. Flavour: excellent. Will now try the transfer method for a new culture and get the second flush started. G+W Charteris Bay.... Hi Tim I have been meaning to say thanks for the mushroom kit. Quite a bit of work but fascinating to see them grow over the winter under our sink and ended up having a good feed. Warm wishes Jack H Lower Hutt .... Hi Tim, I just wanted to say Ive had a chance to play with that new culture and its growing happy and healthy and clean! Thank you so much again for all the effort you put in, its greatly appreciated. Cheers, CS Ellerslie .... hi another order,, the first order you sent is going excellent , so ive decided to try another sort.. .excellent easy to deal with.. rapt dealing with your products...excellent as always. NH Paeroa-.... The mycelium was very quick to colonise the bag, and the fruits were huge AS Auckland-... Hi Tim, I am thoroughly enjoying the small business course. I spent the weekend getting my shed cleaned up and ready..SL 2019

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