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Thanks for visiting our site. We mail out Monday to midday Wednesday. You can buy oyster and button mushroom kits 7 days a week from your local garden centre. The movie of the moment for fungal lovers is FANTASTIC FUNGI Amazing photography, interesting concepts and some controversial ideas.

Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster Mushrooms

Great for beginners and new mushroom growers. Get growing quickly with the starter kit, then learn how to spread the culture onto logs, straw, coffee waste and wood chips. Strains have been selected over decades for good qualities to suit NZ conditions. Picking can start in just 2-4 weeks for home or markets using our fresh spawn. Enjoy watching them grow on 100% NZ ingredients. Easy-Grow 100%NZ sawdust logs available at all times, it's an easy project and quick to fruit that you can expand out to grow more at home. Taste the Goodness! Click the picture for special deals and to order.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms

Sought after for its great flavour, texture and health benefits, especially when grown on your own wood. The brown cap and white flecks of certain strains make attractive mushrooms. Grow from freshly cut logs of deciduous trees eg oak, poplar, birch, beech or maple. Easy-Grow 100%NZ sawdust logs available at all times, it's an easy project and quick to fruit that you can expand out to grow more at home. Click the picture for special deals and to order

Field or Shop Mushrooms

Field/Shop Mushrooms

Also called Agaricus, Portobello, Chestnut, Button or Field Mushrooms. Grow button or flat shape, straight from the starter kit. It all depends on the stage you pick them at! Freshly picked field mushrooms are sweet, juicy and tasty. Big brown or white flat portobellos are great on the BBQ or grilled. Be surprised as each type pops up- It's a real treat to watch and eat your own naturally grown mushrooms and you also learn how to grow more at home with compost recipes and tricks for home growing included. Available ONLY at your local garden centre

Burgundy Stropharia Mushrooms

Burgundy Mushrooms

An amazingly beautiful and ‘robust’ garden giant, usually wine red in colour and 5–30cm across. It likes to grow on straw, stalky compost, deciduous mulch or wood chips and sawdust. Yields of many kilograms per square metre are possible if your soil is well mulched. Will not establish in winter soils or bark. Click the picture to order

Shaggy Mane or Ink Cap


A garden friendly strain which fruits readily on compost from Autumn through to early summer. An interesting fungus to observe and a treat to eat. It can be grown indoors or set free in the garden. Click the picture to order

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Welcome to Mushroom Gourmet!

Since 1993 Mushroom Gourmet has been selecting the most suitable cultures, and developing ever simpler growing techniques to make it as easy as possible to grow mushrooms and edible fungi for Food, Health, Fun, and Extra Income. From the evidence we have seen over many decades, eating fresh mushrooms and fresh veges is a great combintaion for health and well-being.

Before getting into this adventure, Tim had been involved in teaching and business before leaving to set up a farm selling endemic oyster mushrooms and portobellos to organic food co-ops, specialist grocers, supermarkets and wholesalers.

We are thrilled to start our mushrooms growing in NZ, on ingredients from our 100% local suppliers. Most are certified organic or sourced from wild by producers we know care about the NZ environment.

Buying NZ sourced is a great way to make a stand for the health of our families, our soil, atmosphere, rivers and local jobs.

Mushrooms have many similarites to humans, they even invented recycling so let's give 'em the good stuff to eventually pass on to our soil community.

Low food miles = Lots of smiles

Mushroom Gourmet's unique kits of tried and true favourites let you grow indoors, outdoors, at home, in school or on a farm. They are carefully designed so you can see the process and become familiar with this great way of gardening. Mushroom Gourmet packs are a good size and strain for experimental indoor growing with clear photos, Quick Steps and further background including sensible health and safety tips. "It's great to see everything from the beginning, and surprisingly quick". Going step by step generates great interest and satisfaction as the mysterious mushroom mycelium grows through several stages from almost nothing to something to admire and of course eat and grow more!

Research into anti-oxidants like ergothioneine and glutathione and polysaccharides like beta glucans seem to suggest it is a good idea to have a variety of mushrooms and vegetables daily. We like growing our own to get a reliable and more economical way of getting these nutraceuticals not only in bulk to give away, but in a complete form recognised by nature and recognised by our bodies.

Mushroom Gourmet Kits mean you have no long and smelly compost making, or sterilising with pressure cookers. This means an easier, but still hands-on introduction to most of the stages of mushroom growing. If you develop an irresistable desire to grow more we include free instructions on how to make the compost and grow from raw materials. By completing a kit you will already have developed many important skills and understandings. Growing edible fungi could be the beginning of a career, a business, a course of study or a fun pastime. Every year there are more amazing develpments such as packaging and insulation made from mycelium, alternative food textures, medicinal compounds, flavourings, condiments, snacks, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, soap, brain research and synapse repair and quite a few areas that are still under wraps.

Grow your own edible fungi to supplement your diet and income without using chemicals while recycling by-products from on or off your property. The site is for NZ customers, but you may buy gifts from overseas for NZ residents and use Paypal to pay.

The STARTER kits below are available at most garden centres all year round. Discover more in the Gift Pack with Thumb Drive book and extra information package for our NZ conditions.

Carbon in the garden = healthy plants and healthy soil life!

We offer full support and rapid reply to emails.

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"Happy Customers"

“ it's been fun to grow and eat the mushrooms so thank you very much- KB 2021 The EasyGrow Shiitake sawdust log Great kits and I have been using a bunch of them already. =) Hi guys, parcel arrived this morning. Thanks for the awesome service. Have a merry xmas. Cheers KF Oamaru-.... Just wanted to let you know that my mushroom kit is a great success. I have oyster mushrooms sprouting all over the bag. Really pleased. Cristine Paraparaumu-.... ....I have found the course information fantastic and really easy to follow. AP 2019 ..... thanks for the advice. With 3 nights in the fridge the mushrooms started to grow an the 5th day. The first flush was sufficient for 3 meals. Flavour: excellent. Will now try the transfer method for a new culture and get the second flush started. G+W Charteris Bay.... Hi Tim I have been meaning to say thanks for the mushroom kit. Quite a bit of work but fascinating to see them grow over the winter under our sink and ended up having a good feed. Warm wishes Jack H Lower Hutt .... Hi Tim, I just wanted to say Ive had a chance to play with that new culture and its growing happy and healthy and clean! Thank you so much again for all the effort you put in, its greatly appreciated. Cheers, CS Ellerslie .... hi another order,, the first order you sent is going excellent , so ive decided to try another sort.. .excellent easy to deal with.. rapt dealing with your products...excellent as always. NH Paeroa-.... The mycelium was very quick to colonise the bag, and the fruits were huge AS Auckland-... Hi Tim, I am thoroughly enjoying the small business course. I spent the weekend getting my shed cleaned up and ready..SL 2019

We're ready to send you everything you need to start a new hobby or build on what you know.The NZ Mushroom Growing providers since 1993

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